“Beyond Obituaries: Genealogy Research in Newspapers,” By Kay Hartrick

October 6, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Beyond obituaries! Using newspapers for genealogy research can yield many treasures beyond the standard obituary.  Marriage announcements may provide many wonderful details about the families involved, not just the couple being married.  Birth announcements might be the only record of an event.   And, best of all, news about court appearances can be an invaluable key to court files, including divorces and other significant events.  By following a trail of news articles from Illinois to California to Missouri, we will follow a woman’s life and her curious trail that would be impossible to find without newspaper articles.  We will discuss various websites that provide access to newspapers and what to do when the newspaper you need is not on-line.


For eight years, Kay Hartrick has been actively pursuing past family members, primarily in her husband’s family, with homesteaders in Nebraska and Montana, Confederates in Georgia, Irish quarry workers in Rhode Island, Quakers, and many military veterans.  Her own family stayed closer to home base in Delaware and Maryland, Eastern shore, Baltimore, and farther west. Kay completed the certificate program in Genealogical Research at Boston University in 2013 and has attended SLIG and IGHR.  This year she expects to finish her third year studying military records at IGHR.  Kay is the currently president of the Boulder Genealogical Society.