Female Surnames, presented by Karlene Ferguson, CG

November 14, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Meadows Branch Library
4800 Baseline Road
Boulder Genealogical Society

Our female ancestors had little legal standing in the community and, once they married, their individual identity was all but lost. If you are trying to identify a married woman who lived prior to the 1850 census, you do not even have a first name to start with. Finding a maiden name is almost always essential to further research on a particular ancestral line. This class will suggest methods for identifying maiden names and parents of our female ancestors. Specific record groups will be discussed.

Karlene H. Ferguson is a certified genealogist. She is a member of the Boulder Genealogical Society and has held several positions on the board of directors. She did not start doing family research until she retired and every relative she needed to talk with was gone. Not only does Karlene enjoy doing research, she also enjoys writing the stories of her ancestors.

All classes are free. To reserve your seat and receive a handout, please register by email at mdbfrisco@gmail.com.