“What will I do with my genealogy stuff?” – BGS Member Share

February 5, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Frasier Meadows Retirement Community - 4th Floor Assembly Room
350 Ponca Pl
Boulder, CO 80303
Boulder Genealogical Society

One of the persistent issues genealogists face is the long-term preservation of decades worth of research and accumulated materials.  Family members may show little interest in maintaining genealogical research or even family heirlooms, and museums may not consider such material suitable for their holdings.  Risks to this material, even under normal conditions, are extensive.  Family keepsakes and printed documents or photographs can be damaged through normal degeneration, improper storage, accidents, or natural disaster.  Preservation of digital information is complicated by continuing file format and operating system changes, as well as the failure of physical media.  The preceding list is by no means comprehensive.  For many of us, solutions to these issues can languish as other work (or, procrastination . . .) continues.

On 5 February BGS is organizing a share session in which members have been invited to describe efforts to preserve their genealogy research and family treasures.  Members will discuss the types of information and artifacts they possess, how the material is organized, as well as their preservation plans and dilemmas.