webtrees Vytux suite of add-ons – replacing kiwitrees simpl add-ons

Posted by Jeff VoVillia on July 26, 2014 at 12:15PM

For webtrees users there’s often the question of whether to customize or not. Anybody that has used webtrees for longer than a year may side on NOT customizing simply because of the hassle of updating and making sure any add-on’s are compatible with new versions of webtrees.

Prior to the new 1.5 webtrees series we had kiwi and his suite of add-on’s called “simple add-on’s”. And they were indeed quite simple. I found quite a few of them very useful. Particularly the ‘simpl menu’ and ‘simpl gallery’ although there were many others.

Unfortunately Kiwi has split from the project and no longer updates his add-on’s to support webtrees 1.5 and up. They are still available if you have an older version of webtrees.

But do not fret, another volunteer programmer has stepped in to help us out. The vytux suite of add-on’s are basically what kiwi had done except that are compatible with the 1.5 and up versions of webtrees. His site is here. I’ve been a slacker and haven’t looked at my site for awhile but when I did I realized that there was no link to this blog! I have a link from the blog to my database but not the other way around – it was a one-way street. I simply downloaded the vytux menu2, uploaded to my server and checked the right boxes. It was that easy.

There are many other customizations, themes, etc. However, unless you’re computer savvy or quite experienced with webtrees I highly recommend starting out with the basics and just learning the multitude of what webtrees has to offer. Once you get comfortable with the basic layout, you can start to experiment with add-ons.

My current favorite add-on is the facebook login module. And although there are many discussions on reports and graphical outputs I’d like to see that improved. Afterall, if we’re going to have the best web-based family history software online then why not have it contain the best of everything? Customized color-coded pedigrees, fan charts etc.

What add-on’s have you used and enjoyed? What add-on’s would you like to see added to webtrees?

Happy Hunting!

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