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The Boulder Genealogical Society continues to strive to preserve records. You can see our complete collection by using the Boulder Library catalog system.

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Boulder County Marriage Records 1860-1900

Boulder County Marriage Index, 1980-2001
Introduction & Instructions
Searchable Index

Boulder Daily Camera Obituary Index
1970-1974 to buy (print), to research (electronic), or online
1960-1969 to buy (print), to research (electronic)
1950-1959 to buy (print), to research (electronic)
1901-1910 to research (electronic)
1975-2017 Full obituaries are available for these years at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History.

Columbia Cemetery Biographies
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Columbia Cemetery Purchasers and Plot Maps

Plot Maps Legend
Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D
Section E
Section F
Avenue Reserve
Boulder Avenue Reserve
Central Avenue Reserve
Columbia Avenue Reserve
East Avenue Reserve
North Avenue Reserve
South Avenue Reserve
West Avenue Reserve

Green Mountain Cemetery
Interment Books 1904-May 2016

Hygiene Cemetery
Burial List including tombstone photos.

Lyons Cemetery
Burial List now with over 500 tombstone images available.

Rowley Cemetery and “Roadside” Cemetery
Burial List

Weisner Cemetery
Burial List

Sunset Cemetery, Boulder County, Colorado

Colorado Society of Pioneers
Members Directory 1883

Colorado State Archives
Finding Aids Quick Index


Bible Records

Boulder Genealogical Society Quarterly
Table of Contents
Name Index
Digital Quarterlies (downloadable, $7.50)

Larry Goss Collection
The Larry Goss Collection contains journals, letters and photographs from the earliest days in Boulder.

Boulder Mortuary Records
BGS has recently digitized the mortuary collection gathered and alphabetized by member Mary McRoberts from a number of different local mortuaries. These records span nearly 100 years, and many are annotated with additional information. Each record is marked with the name of the mortuary except for the Howe records. Because they are the most prevalent, any record without the name of the mortuary at the top can be assumed to be from Howe. A big thank you to Morrell Printing Solutions in Lafayette, Colorado for scanning this project for us.

Census Indexes
1860 Boulder, NE Territory
1870 Boulder, CO Territory
1880 Boulder, CO
1885 Boulder, CO
1900 Boulder, CO
1910 Boulder, CO
Enumeration Maps, 1910-1940

Sunshine Photographs
These photographs were contributed by Eloise Kominek from the photo album of her great aunt Electa Church Dustin who lived in Sunshine until her death in 1908.

Mr & Mrs Coan
Henrietta Glover
Jack Glover
Minnie (Mrs Jack) Glover
Dr Griffin
Dr Hoel article
Johnson-Glover wedding announcement
Mauzey death notice
Millie McDearmon
Nina & Linerd McDearmon
Nina McDearmon 1, 2
Kathryn McHenry
Dolly Glover Johnson Ranson